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Ask Camelot: What options do I have for moving/transporting my car?

There are a couple of options for moving or hauling cars. Moving companies that provide long-distance service, such as Camelot Moving and Storage, will transport an automobile inside one of their moving vans. The company will quote you a price based on the size of the automobile and the distance it will be transported. (We recently provided this service to a client. View the images on our online slideshow just below.)


Another option is to hire an auto-transport company, a specific type of hauling company that only transports automobiles. These companies are often used by car dealerships to transport and deliver multiple automobiles at a time. They carry six to eight cars on an uncovered, skeleton frame. The cars transported are not in a van but rather are carried outside. While an auto-transport company will generally provide a safe enough ride for your vehicle, your vehicle will be more secure inside a sealed van. Additionally, if your car is transported on an uncovered frame, it will be exposed to the elements and may therefore need a wash and possibly even a few scratches buffed out upon arrival.

On occasion, a long-distance moving company will sublet the car-hauling service to an auto transport company. So be sure to ask about the method if it is of concern to you. Camelot does not use sub-haulers. We transport our clients’ automobiles, pickup trucks, motorcycles, and the like inside our own sealed vans—loaded, driven, and unloaded by Camelot employees.

A few final points:

  • Be sure to inform the company—whomever you choose to do the transportation for you—whether or not the vehicle runs. It can make a difference as vehicles are normally driven up ramps onto/into the transport trailer.
  • Call your auto insurance agent to inquire into whether or not your current insurance policy will cover the vehicle while it is being shipped. Do you have to provide the company with any notification?
  • Thoroughly inspect your vehicle upon arrival and if any damage has been done to your vehicle during shipping and note it on the bill of lading.

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