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Why Should I Use Storage: Travel!

This is the first in a series of blogs discussing the many uses, benefits, and reasons for storage.

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Throughout Camelot’s 27-year-history, we have had many individuals, families, and businesses store their things with us for a variety of reasons. However, the most-envied reason, by far, is travel! Some of our clients, just before hitting the road, have stored all of their household possessions except for that which they can carry with them in their van or RV. These nomadic patrons of ours never fail to deliver memorable accounts of their encounters and adventures as they cross the nation several times on various interstate highways—experiencing food, music, amusement parks, historic sites, and natural wonders that they had never seen before.

Some of these clients are gone for months, others for as long as a couple of years.

Cadillac Ranch - Route 66

Cadillac Ranch – Route 66

Each time I hear from them it sounds as though they are children at Disneyland for the first time. After a couple of years of such adventuresome travel, it is safe to say that they have left no stone unturned! Upon deciding to settle down, many return home to the area where their journey began. Although some clients end up in a new area altogether, calling a new place home which has won their hearts. No matter where we end up delivering their belongings, these traveling clients are all the wealthier for their experiences. So when are you hitting the open road?

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