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Fundamentals to Succeeding Online

Contributed to the June 2013 edition of Camelot’s House and Home News by John Flynn of TruBlu Web Consulting.

Michael Jordan is perhaps the greatest basketball player who ever lived, and he focused most of his time and career on the fundamentals, practicing over and over! As business owners, we also need to focus on the fundamentals, over and over and over.



The most common problem I see with business owners marketing their business online is the lack of a coherent or comprehensive plan. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of how the pieces all fit together. Rather than implementing a coherent plan, they will try a little SEO, posting on Facebook, tweeting, developing mobile access. It is a never ending cycle of spinning wheels.

Let’s focus on a few key fundamentals so you can build from a solid foundation and move with consistent direction toward your goals. The online world seems more complex because there are a lot of distractions. We need to eliminate those distractions from our field of view so we can clearly see where we need to go.

Everything begins with your market. This might seem self evident, but 90% of the clients I work with miss the mark here. They may not even be aware of a problem until it is too late and the damage is done: their site disappears from search, Facebook bans their page, or some other catastrophe occurs, such as spending thousands of dollars with absolutely nothing to show for it.

You might need Facebook, videos, a website, emails, mobile, but what you really need are more customers and more sales. That is our focus, right? Where do your customers hang out? What are they worth to your business in their first transaction and ongoing/ lifetime? How many customers are in your market at any one time who could potentially buy from you?

The experienced marketer will not guess at these answers; there are tools we can use that allow us to look at the keywords and the top sites in any given niche and tell you where they are getting their traffic (visitors). Once we know where your market travels and the weaknesses of the top competitors in your market, then we will be able to develop a plan for your success.

Once we understand your customer, we can tackle the idea of what they are thinking and doing when they are ready to buy from you. They may not even know about your business at this point, but these are the individuals we want to focus on. In your market, there are stages a customer goes through, from information browser to product/service finder to warm lead to paying customer. The words they use give big clues as to how motivated they are to take action.

This is another way of saying that some keywords in your market are more valuable than others. You may rank number one for your brand name, but if your brand is not known, then no one is searching for it. Yet I hear horror stories about marketing companies who actually charge business owners to rank for their business name! The truth is, even without marketing your business name, you probably already show up on the first page (or close to it) in Google and Bing.

A keyword is simply a word or phrase that people use to find you. The best keywords address a specific problem your ideal customer may have.

For any given business, there are several hundred keywords that the search engines think are relevant to your business. You might rank for many of them, but you only need to target a few; again, think of the biggest problems in your market and target those.

I hope this article was helpful in cementing some of the essential concepts of marketing online and cuts out 90% of the noise, so when that telemarketer calls you will not only be able to say “no” but say it with complete confidence!

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