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Billy’s Blogs: Why Should I Use Storage: Travel Even Farther!

The second in a series of blogs discussing the many uses, benefits, and reasons for storage.

travelMany a college student has delayed college or delayed beginning their career post-graduation to travel abroad for long periods of time before they begin to grow their roots.

Well, it is not just for the young anymore! Many people of all ages have strapped on a backpack and toured through Asia, Europe, South America, and other great lands. While they are away, they often opt to sublet their home or apartment. (View helpful tips on how to sublet your apartment here or read about the experiences of travelers doing a home exchange here.)  Some very brave adventurers even choose to give up their home altogether or for as long as the Eurail pass is good!

And that is when these nomadic clients call Camelot to pack up and store their belongings for as long as needed! Once the client’s journey comes to an end, Camelot promptly delivers their items from our secure facility to wherever their new home lies.

One of my favorite such stories is that of a young lady who orchestrated the most incredible plan: storing only her most precious items gorgeous feelingwith us, she sublet her furnished apartment in Southern California for the summer. In turn she rented a spot in Florence, Italy. For a brief period in her life she made her home in a land people dream of. She graciously welcomed friends from the States to come visit her in a place where Michelangelo had formerly trod. Wow.

So whether you are off searching for the perfect wine or the perfect wave, Camelot is here for you!

Need some motivation to pack that bag? Look no further than the decadent travel blogs of Camels and Chocolate and The Perrin Post!

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