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Billy’s Blogs: Why Should I Use Storage: Life Between Homes

The third in a series of blogs discussing the many uses, benefits, and reasons for storage.

As the market continues to recover, sellers and buyers continue to meet new challenges and opportunities. Currently, with the short supply of homes for sale, houses are selling very quickly and leaving their former owners with little time to find their new dwelling.

For families moving to another town, city, or state, this short window for selecting a new home is rarely enough. After all, it takes time to explore a new area and find the perfect new home located in just the right neighborhood! While searching for that perfect new abode, where would you keep your belongings?

In a safe, state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouse, like the one at Camelot Moving and Storage’s headquarters (take an online tour or a physical tour)! There are moving companies, and then there are moving and storage companies. Moving and storage companies are a great one-stop-shop if you need interim storage. Such companies are equipped to bring your personal storage unit to your home; wrap, protect, and load your belongings; and then store them at their facility for as long as you need while shopping for your new home. Once you have landed at your new nest, the company will deliver your storage unit, unload your belongings, and set up your new home.

The moving and storing process is uniquely designed for that specific interim situation. Handling of furnishings is minimized and limi to one trustworthy company. Additionally, the cost is calculated on a month-to-month basis, so the period of storage may last anywhere from one month to several months as is needed.

So fear not! Take that offer on your home and get on with shopping for a new one!

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