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Budget For Your Moving Costs!

Budget For Your Moving Costs!

There are a few phases of moving to consider when budgeting for the cost of a relocation. It is easy to simply think in terms of a truck and a couple of strong guysbudget-for-your-moving-costs to haul that heavy dresser out one door and in another door. That is all it takes, right? Well, not really.

Let’s look around your home. There are lamps on tables and nightstands, pictures on the wall, clothing hanging in closets, and food in the refrigerator. All the aforementioned items are absent from that image of a couple guys and a truck.

We must think about the process of wrapping small items, putting them into boxes, planning for the transport of perishables, and, of course, unpacking all of those items at the new home and putting them away.

So let’s list the phases of a move according to tasks:

200241938-001Packing for my move:

Remove items from cupboards, closets, drawers (and sometimes attics)

Pack the smaller “boxable” items (including cold food into an ice chest)

Preparing items to be moved:

Disconnect attached items, like lines to large appliances and maybe light fixtures

Disassemble items that must come apart to be moved, like beds and dressers that have mirrors

Actual moving-related tasks:

Load it all into a truck

Drive the truck from point A to point B, your new home

Deliver all of your possessions into the new home

200241942-001Settling-in tasks:

Reassemble items like beds

Unpack all of those boxable items

Put things into new drawers, closets, and cupboards

Now let’s see if we can put a price tag on these items. Each home, each apartment is a bit different. So for the sake of starting somewhere, we will say we live in a 3-bedroom, one-story house in…ooooh, let’s say, Southern California in 2014 (or a time and place that equates to those costs). Additionally, we are moving to another one-story home about a mile away. Oh, yeah, and we are totally average in our quantity of dishes, books, collection of art on our walls, and furnishings.

Well, here would be the range of cost for each phase of the process:

Packing for my move, including labor and supplies: $800 to $1,000

Preparing items to be moved: $300 to $400

         Actual moving-related tasks: $1,000 to $1,500

Settling-in tasks: $600 to $900

Well, now you have it. From here, you can subtract any tasks that you want to do on your own from those that you want to have your mover do. Additionally, you would multiply by two for a home of twice the size, by three if you are an obsessive collector of record albums, and so on. (Hey, don’t laugh! We have moved more than one disc jockey with a long career and more record albums than I have hairs on my head.) You get the idea.

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