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Five Insider Tips on How to Get Your Friends to Help You Move

Five Insider Tips on How to Get Your Friends to Help You Move

Owning a moving company is similar to being the only person who owns a pickup truck in a wide network of family and friends who all drive Ford Escapes, i.e., whenever someone needs to move a couch, refrigerator, or their entire apartment, you get the first call.

do-your-friends-have-moves-like-jaggerNow while it is our business at Camelot Moving and Storage to assist people with each step of their move, many a friend or relative will provide these very same services for free, out of the goodness (or guilt) of their heart. So if you are a person planning a move and your budget, preference, or circumstances dictate that the bulk of your move will be DIY, here are some insider tips to get your friends to help you to move:

1. Ask every friend or family member you know and ask early. Ask Everybody

A lot of hands make the load light, and if you send out your request early, the likelihood of people making themselves available increases. It is harder to decline, get a sudden stomachache, or fake a basketball injury when you have known about the move date for weeks.

2. Create a specific invitation and send it out via email or Evite.

You are invitedGive details in your invitation, letting people know that although it is an all-day event, they do not have to stay all day. They can arrive in the morning to help load or show up in the afternoon at the second location for the unload. Assure them that any block of time that they can make themselves available will be sincerely appreciated.

3. Be Ready.

There is nothing worse than showing up on moving day to help a friend that has not started packing. This means the burden is on you to pack everything, absolutely everything. Your friends cannot pick up your desk if it still has your favorite photos, stapler, and pen cup sitting on it. Be sure to clearly label every box as well so it is easy for friends to unload items and place them in the correct room at the new location. Label box 1

4. Hire a mover for the heavy stuff.

MoversfortheheavystuffYour cousin Joe may have been a phenomenal running back in high school, but that was 12 years and 15 pounds ago. Task your friends with carrying boxes, clothing, bikes, and ideally nothing heavier. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness when they are not laid up for a week on the couch after carrying your refrigerator down a flight of stairs. You will be happy too that you skipped the pain and maybe saved your refrigerator from a mishap on the stairway.

5. Be very appreciative.

Everyone likes to be appreciated. Take a photo and brag about your awesome friends on social media! And keep in mind that although you likely do not have the money to pay your friends, you can still be generous with returning the favor by hosting a thank-you dinner, offering to housesit or babysit, or (the biggest thank you of all) promising to help them move!IOU2

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