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Dog Training Tips: Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby

Dog Training Tips: Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby

Contributed by Mark Tipton CPDT-KA, Angel Dogs Training



Have a new baby on the way? You can prepare your dog in advance with some extra planning and smart purchases!

Buy a realistic baby doll that cries and needs diaper changes. These are similar to the dolls used in Home Economics classes to teach baby care. A high quality audio recording of a baby crying will also be helpful.

Wrap the doll in a blanket, and carry it around the house with you. Stop the doll’s crying much like you would do with a real baby. Change the doll’s diapers. Bathe and change the doll’s clothing.

Place the doll in a playpen and crib, just like you would a human baby. Take the dog for a walk with you with the doll in a stroller.

Play the recording of the baby crying in another room at a low volume. Give your dog a stuffed Kong toy or other long-lasting treat to chew on while the recording plays. Slowly increase the volume of the crying until the dog grows accustomed to the sound.

The goal is to get your dog used to the different activities and sounds of having a new baby in the house. Upon the arrival of your new bundle of joy, your dog will be calm and well-adjusted to the new changes.





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