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Water Damage Prevention Tips

Water Damage Prevention Tips

Contributed by CBC Cleaning and Restoration

water-damage-preventionWater damage is the cause of approximately one third of insurance claims filed in the United States.  Water losses can cost tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the lost time, disruption and discomfort during the mitigation and restoration process.  The good news is that many causes of water damage can be prevented with simple maintenance and observation.  Following a few simple steps may prevent a devastating water loss in your home.

1.  Check supply lines and valves to toilets, sinks and washing machines for slow water-damage-preventiondrips or corrosion.  Replace plain rubber supply hoses on the washing machine with steel-braided reinforced hoses. Check the dump-out hose to make sure it is secured in the wall drain.

2.  Inspect the water heater area for discoloration on the pedestal or on the wall below the pipes connected to the water heater.  Water heaters should have a pan installed under them to divert water if they should develop a leak or burst.  Listen for sounds of dripping or hissing that might indicate a slow leak which is about to become a catastrophic failure.

3.  When toilets refill intermittently or have constant dripping sounds, it is time for maintenance of the flushing mechanism.  The flushing mechanism may need to be replaced if it cannot be repaired.  Sometimes a toilet will not stop filling and can eventually overflow causing a disaster.

4.  Know where the water shutoff valve is for your home.  Most homes have a shutoff valve near one of the outside spigots that will shut off water to the entire home.  There is also a valve at the water meter, but it may be more difficult to close without the right tool.  In the event of a leak or burst, quickly shutting off the flow of water will prevent more damage.

5.  Prevent pipes from freezing while you are away from the home in winter months. Keep the temperature in the home from going below freezing by using the  HVAC system.


Implementing some or all of these ideas will go a long way in protecting your home from destructive and costly water damage.  You will also gain some peace of mind!  In the unfortunate event of a water loss, contact CBC Cleaning and Restoration at 661-294-2221 or

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