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Tips for Moving During a Divorce

divorce-moving-tipsMoving can be demanding on its own, but adding in additional stress such as a divorce or breakup can create additional difficulty. It’s important to prepare extra carefully in advance before beginning your move, in order to avoid any potential problems and to ensure that everything moves as smoothly as possible.

Please keep in mind that this post will not attempt to provide legal advice – for that, we recommend that you consult with an attorney who specializes in divorces. However, even once the legal issues have been taken care of, there are still many things that you can do to prepare. Take special care to follow these five tips during a move.

Pack Separately

Wrapping up and packing items into boxes takes time and focus, and completing it in a separate room from your former partner can help eliminate additional emotional strain.

In addition, make sure to begin packing items in advance. Having everything ready to go on moving day will allow for a much faster, as well as less emotional work day.

Mark Items Clearly

Make sure to mark every item clearly before moving, in order to avoid taking the wrong items or having your items being taken. All boxes should be clearly labeled with their contents as well as the owner’s name, and any large items should also be labeled to avoid confusion on the moving day. Consider using colored dot stickers to make identifying each person’s items simpler, as written labels take more time to make and are not easily readable from a distance.

Decide as early as possible before moving day which items will go with which person. Keep a list so that both of you can easily remember. This should be taken care of before the move is even scheduled, as arguing over who gets to take certain items will cause delays and create unneeded stress.

Schedule Separate Moving Days

In order to minimize emotional strain, schedule your moving days in advance. If possible, have each person move on a separate day in order to avoid interaction. If moving on separate days is not possible (such as due to work schedules), work in separate rooms during the move. You’ll be able to focus on your own space, while your former partner does the same.divorce-moving-tips

Consider hiring workers to help move. Staying focused on the move and directing the movers can at least help you feel as if you’re moving on your own, even if your former partner is moving at the same time.

Check the Divorce Settlement

Find out in advance if your divorce settlement will cover your moving costs or not. If costs are covered, then you’ll look back after everything is finished and be glad that at least you didn’t have to pay for the move.

During a difficult and stressful time such as a divorce, you might not want to read over legal papers, but doing so before the move can save you money later.

Children and Family

If you have children, then it might be a good idea to have them stay with a friend or family member during the process. Moving can be stressful enough for everyone involved, and children could get in the way and lead to an already-stressful event taking longer. Keeping the children occupied during the move will help you to stay focused and work faster. Perhaps even more importantly, keeping the children away from the breakup firsthand will help them to avoid an unnecessary painful experience.

Having friends and family members assist during the move can also be helpful. In addition to providing more manpower, friends and family can be there for emotional support. Talking with family or friends during a move can help you to stay focused on the job, and not on your previous partner.

If you’re reading this article, then perhaps you’re also currently going through the process of moving, or preparing for a move, or know someone who is. If you have not started yet, make the most of your time now rather than later. While moving out can feel emotionally liberating, it can also be emotionally taxing. Take care to follow the above five steps, in order to help make the moving day as easy as possible on yourself and others, both physically and mentally.

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