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Planning a Relocation? De-clutter first.

Relocating can take time and effort, but the job actually starts long before the move. You can get a head-start, and save time in the end, by first de-cluttering.

Before you pack, de-clutter. In fact, preparing for a relocation can be the best time to de-clutter. Consider it a “spring cleaning” for your home and belongings.

Not everything will need to be relocated, and you will find that you can do without many items you were previously planning to move. They say that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and there are several ways to remove unwanted items besides throwing them away.

First dispose of what is clearly garbage, such as trash, old boxes, recycling items and broken toys. Once those items are removed, put everything else that you are planning not to move in its own area, to keep them separate from the items that you will be keeping – the garage can be a good place, or in the corner of a room. You’ll be able to take care of these items later on, but for the time being your house will be freer from clutter and will look much nicer.

declutter-before-movingFor the remaining items, consider having a garage sale or yard sale, as this will allow someone else to benefit, and you to profit, from items that you no longer need. Consider donating to a local charity group whatever items you are unable to sell. This also has the added benefit of being a tax write-off. Or alternatively, you can give items to friends and family. For everything else, throw it away.

Not only will de-cluttering before your relocation save you the trouble of having to move extra, unnecessary, and sometimes large or heavy items, but it will also help to make your place look more organized and clean – this can be directly beneficial when showing the house to prospective buyers. Your house will appear cleaner to anyone who is interested in purchasing or renting your place, and you might be able to receive a higher price for your home as a result.

The more items that you have, the more time you will have to spend in order to move it. The additional cost of handling occurs twice – once when both moving the item out and once when moving it in.

De-cluttering before your relocation can save you important time, stress, and can also help to bring a bit of cash back to your pocket. Before your relocation, remember to de-clutter first, and ultimately do less work later on moving day.

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