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3 Downsizing Tips for New Empty Nesters

There are many things to prepare for when downsizing to become an empty nester. This guide does not attempt to serve as a complete list, but can be used to assist you in preparing for the process.

3 Downsizing Tips For New Empty Nesters #emptynestsers #camelotmovers1. You’re not “downsizing” yourself – you’re “composing” yourself

While “downsizing” can bring up thoughts of weakness or downgrading, it’s actually simply a restructuring of your life. You’re changing your life, re-composing yourself to fit a lifestyle with less clutter and less junk.

Becoming an empty nester is a fresh opportunity to organize your belongings and your home, and to enjoy a much cleaner, simpler lifestyle.

While downsizing, you’re getting rid of any excess baggage weighing you down – physical or emotional. As a result, you’re more able to focus on what’s really important, and to clear more space in your life for new things.

2. De-clutter first

De-cluttering includes removing from your house any items that you will not need after your move. After first disposing of whatever is clearly garbage, sort through the remaining items and separate them based on whether they have any value or not. Any item that clearly does not have any value can be thrown away, but the remaining items can be sold, auctioned, or donated.

In addition, consider whether any items may have undetermined value, such as antiques. These items should be auctioned or sold separately, and then donated as a last resort. You never know the value of what you might have sitting in your garage until someone takes a look at it.

Any other items that cannot be sold through garage sales or online sales should be donated. Donating items will earn you tax credit and can help cover some of the costs of your relocation. Any items that you are unable to donate can then be thrown away.

If there are items that have no value, but which you may be sad to lose, consider keeping a photograph of them instead. Having photographs will allow you to still enjoy the memory of the items, but without having to carry around excess baggage.

Also consider allowing your children and grandchildren to take items which you do not find necessary – this includes furniture. By doing this, you won’t have to dispose of anything that has value, as you can know that it is being passed on to other people who will be able to appreciate and use it.

De-cluttering will help your place to look nicer, more organized, and clean, but it will also save you the trouble of having to move the items to your new place – only to go unused or unneeded again. The more items that you have to move, the more expensive your relocation will be, the more stress it will cause, and the more problems that can arise.

 3. Test your new place

Before deciding to relocate to a new place, take it for a test drive. Try staying in the area to explore how it feels, and try renting a similar place before committing to buy.

Think about yourself living in the area and imagine what it would be like to shop for groceries, meet people, and find entertainment. Only make a decision once TEST NEW PLACEyou feel that you could imagine yourself living in the area comfortably. After all, it will be your new home.

Becoming an empty nester is a new step in your life. Make the most out of it, and know that new memories will come with changes. If you’ve prepared well in advance, then downsizing as an empty nester will allow you to enjoy your life much better, and you’ll be able to create more, newer experiences for yourself and your family.

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