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5 Useful Tips for Moving Your Home without Going Crazy




Don’t like making lists? Find somebody in the house who does.

Don’t like referring to lists after you’ve made them? Too bad.

Make an assessment regarding what needs to take place before move-out day. You can almost approach it like a mathematical equation. Look at total days you have left (“X”) and the total number of jobs that have to be done (“Y”). The equation looks like this: X÷Y=the number of jobs per day that you have to get done before you can sleep.



Have trouble parting with “treasures”? Let your mother/sister/neighbor/infant/3rd cousin/ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend/accountant/superhero help you. Or just call “Hoarders.”

People who move fairly often do not collect a lot of stuff. But, if you haven’t moved for awhile – no matter who you are – chances are you have a fair collection for Goodwill and a fair amount of trash as well.

Order a bin from your waste company. It’s a few hundred dollars, and if you think you don’t have enough for a bin rental, consider that you could be in denial.



Not necessarily that kind (unless it will help!). Determine which professional services will ease the stress of your move and make some calls.

Check on the cost of housekeepers, moving companies, babysitters, or any other service to aid you in the process. It is a good idea to get moving estimates from 2-3 companies about six weeks prior to your move. See which of their services you can fit into your budget, such as packing, storage and transporting. Also, assess your ability to care for your children on moving day, or the day before, to determine if the process will be less challenging with babysitters.



Need help with sorting? Throwing things out? Packing up valuables? If hiring such services isn’t in your budget, remember that friends don’t let friends pack alone.

Don’t let the ticking clock become a ticking time bomb. Line up the help of friends and family as early as possible and dive in. Nobody needs to pull an all-nighter when you work together. Schedule several different “packing parties” with groups of friends and relatives. You may think you’re calling in a favor, but in many cases, people want to help, and they appreciate practical suggestions to be a part of the process. Not only will it make lighter work with everybody’s elbow grease, you’ll get some bonding time with those closest to you!



New homeowners hate you for it? You’ll (probably) never see them again!

Don’t pull three consecutive all-nighters getting packed up for a move! Life is too short. Chances are, the new residents would like to enter a clean house, so they’d rather that you had time to git ‘er done. Of course, the earlier you can make this assessment, the better the “key handoff” will be, but go ahead and make a request. After all, there’s no charge for asking!




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