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Your 3-phase guide to buying a home and planning your move

Ready to start your home search, but worried about tackling the actual process of buying a home and planning a move? No need, we’ve got the basics covered in this quick tip guide for home buyers!


Phase 1: Decide What You Want

Even before you start home shopping it’s a good idea to narrow down the possibilities

  1. Price Range

You obviously have to look at your budget first and come up with a price range. It’s at this point that your realtor of choice may encourage you to look into getting home loan pre-approval.


  1. Neighborhood

Locate areas that offer you the cultural amenities you prefer and agreeable schools, when applicable. And don’t forget to figure in the cost to live there (homeowner’s fees, public/private schooling, commute, etc.).


  1. Interior/Design

You don’t have to buy a home that matches the exact style of your furnishings, but take note if a house has an extreme or unchangeable architecture.


  1. Space

Try to envision if the home for sale is physically a good fit for your furnishings and the size of your family. Does it have the right number of bathrooms? Will that one important heirloom fit? Other than non-negotiable furniture, one of the benefits of moving is that it’s a great chance to go in a new direction with your tired themes.


  1. Investment

Plain and simple, is the house the long-term investment you’re looking for? Buying a home is an emotional decision, so it’s easy to forget how important the home appraisal is.


Phase 2: Your Packing and Moving Options

You found a new castle and your offer has been accepted! Let the fun begin.

  1. Get Estimates

Once your offer has been accepted and the home appraisal and home inspection have passed without a hitch, it’s time to get moving estimates! Ideally, about 6 weeks before moving, get estimates from 2-3 moving companies to see what services are in your budget. Moving companies may also offer helpful tips on what moving supplies you’ll need and where to buy moving boxes. Meanwhile, begin doing what you can to start on your moving list.


  1. Trim Down

The benefit of starting at this early stage of the game is that you can begin the inevitable task of gifting/donating or hosting a moving sale. Here are your options: a) generously gift it to one of your children; b) it goes into storage; or c) the item is sold on Craigslist or taken to Goodwill.


  1. Ready your house for move out

Disassemble furniture, divide belongings into “things that stay” (with you for the move), “things that go” (in the moving van) and “things that go” (to family or Goodwill).


  1. Storage

You may want to rent a storage unit for excess belongings. Just like finding affordable movers, you’ll want to get some storage estimates too.


Phase 3: Get Ready to Go

You made it this far, so now you’re in the homestretch. Get out the elbow grease!

  1. Utilities companies

Arrange for the utilities (electricity, telephone, gas, cable) in the home that you’re leaving to be disconnected the day after you move. Schedule utilities in the new home to be connected the day before you move in.


  1. Other services

Let your insurance agents know of changes, forward your mail, and determine if banking needs to change.


  1. Medical and dental

If you’re moving out of state, order records from doctors and dentists. Transfer pharmacies.


  1. Disassemble

Per your contract with the home buyers, remove fixtures and any method of moving furniture could require disassembly.


  1. Packing

Whatever items you plan to move yourself should be separated and packed. You may need to purchase special packing materials, such as picture boxes for artwork or flat screen TV boxes. Prepare directions to your new home for the local movers.


  1. Clean

You want to leave the house clean when you move out. You may want to schedule a cleaning crew to come in after you have everything out. Clean out appliances for movers or new owners.

If your boxes are labeled clearly, and you remembered to set aside items for yourself, you can unpack at a leisurely pace. As soon as your bed is set up, curl up in your beautiful new home and catch up on some sleep.

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