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Should You Stay or Should You Go?


Should You Stay or Should You Go?

How to Decide if it’s a Good Time to Move


Almost all of us have considered the idea of moving – sometimes for the prospective cash and other times for the hope of a new adventure. Here are some factors to determine if now is the time to set sail or stay the course.



Financial Reasons

Has your house appreciated to a new high point? It may be that perfect window of time where the money from the sale of your home serves you better when invested in something other than real estate.

Or you buckle up and hang on for the ride … it could rise even higher!



Spatial Perception

Have all the kids moved out and you’re still wandering around a 5-bedroom manse? Your home could be the wrong size for your situation, or perhaps the distribution of the rooms doesn’t suit you.

Or stick around and re-stage things to meet your needs.



Family Values

Are you tired of spending holidays alone? Perhaps your nieces and nephews are growing up without you and you want to be a part of their lives, or an aging parent requires you to move nearby.

Or you determine you’ve got a job where you are, and maybe some distance from family is actually a plus.



The End of an Era

At a new stage in life? There are so many passages in our lifetimes – perhaps your house is too crowded now that you have babies, or the chicks have all flown the coop and you need to downsize.

Or stay and enjoy the equity in your home instead of starting again.



Health Issues

Do you have medical issues that require a change of space? With an onset of arthritis, for example, you may not want your current two-story house.

Or it could be less stressful to remodel, such as installing wheelchair ramps or converting a downstairs den into a bedroom.


The good news is that you’re at the helm, no matter which way you lean. And if you still aren’t sure – no rush, no worries! Keep your eyes peeled and watch for changes in the water, and until then – enjoy the smooth sailing!






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