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Navigating a Move after the Death of a Loved One

moving_after_the_death_of_a_loved oneNavigating a Move after the Death of a Loved One

Two of the biggest stressors in life include losing a loved one and moving.

One: If Possible, Finish the Grieving Process First

If at all possible and to the best of your ability, take time to grieve your loss before making any major decisions about moving. You’ll need emotional stability for the changes ahead.

Two: Get Advice from Objective Parties

After a self-assessment, get opinions about moving from those closest to you.

Three: Consider a Non-Permanent Decision

Look at options that don’t lock you into a permanent decision, such as renting out your home instead of selling it.

Four: Create a Plan

Now that you’ve decided to go, start mapping out the months ahead. Find a reputable realtor if you have a home to sell or need to move.

Five: Ask Family and Friends for Help

You’re going to need assistance from others. Sort belongings and decide what you’ll keep and what can be donated or discarded.

Six: Find a Moving Company

Approximately 6-8 weeks before moving day, get estimates from moving companies. Ask about packing services and storage.

Begin developing a support system at your new residence. While difficult to do, taking care of yourself is paramount.


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