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These 5 Moving Tips Will Make Your Life Easier

These 5 Moving Tips Will Make Your Life Easier And Help You Streamline Your Prep For Moving Day!

Great Moving Tips are in the video below and download this helpful guide, Packing Tips With A Timeline and Map to print and keep!

Customers have said that preparing their home for moving day feels daunting! Hence, a well-designed and precise game plan can get everything accomplished on time! Begin by taking inventory of your home and your belongings. Additionally, one of the first and most essential steps customers should do is to decide exactly what will be traveling with them to their new home. And finally, you will want to purchase the packing materials (how many boxes do I need?) and get started!


  1. Get in a packing frame of mind. Try and set aside any emotions tied to your belongings and categorize your things into three groups. Category A: Items to be sold. Category B: Things to throw away and Category 3: Everything else coming with you.
  2. 6 weeks before moving day, pack up all storage spaces like the garage, attic and closets.
  3. With three or four weeks to go before moving day, photos, paintings, knick knacks, books, CDs, and other items of decor and entertainment should be next on your packing agenda.
  4. With empty closets and bare walls, you are ready to box up a few rooms like the home office and craft space. Many infrequently used items in your kitchen can be packed as well as perishable items in the pantry.
  5. During your last week in your home, attack your bedrooms and bathrooms and the remaining items in your kitchen. Be sure to set aside at least a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries first! And clearly label which boxes to unpack first, which will include the kitchen essentials.


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