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Are You Living on an Ant Hill?

Are You Living on an Ant Hill? – contributed to Camelot’s House and Home Newsletter by Dan Caballero, Operating Manager of CVA Exterminators, Inc.

Many residents of Santa Clarita are convinced that their home is situated on an ant hill. What can you do to alleviate aggravation from invading ants? With the approach of spring and summer ant colonies begin to grow in population. With the increase of colony members, ants begin to scout and forage for the three necessities of life: food, water, and shelter. Sometimes they look inside your home for these necessities.

The best way to avoid ant problems is to be ultra tidy: clean up crumbs on the floor or counters, do not leave any food in sinks, and keep the trash emptied. This is the most environmentally conscience and healthy way to avoid ant problems. At times however, no matter how much you try, the ants still manage to find a way into your home.

Unfortunately sometimes homeowners can, while attempting to resolve the problem, make the problem worse. Ant problems come in many stages. Scouts may come into the home looking for one or more of the necessities of life. Ants may be entering your home just for food and water, or in the worst case scenario, they have moved in and are living in the walls. Each case requires a different approach to control. While contacting a pest management professional is the best option to determine what type of problem you are looking at and how to best control it, here are some things you should know to avoid making matters worse:

nullMany of the ant control products, specifically sprays available at the hardware or home improvement stores, may make your ant problem worse. Here’s why: Many of the spray products contain pyrethrin-based contact poisons. If the active ingredient on the label contains “thrin” at the end of it, then it is pyrethrin based. These materials are effective contact poisons, meaning if you spray it on an ant, the ant will die. However, the spray also acts as a repellant. So if your ant problem is extensive, you will kill the ants that you spray and you will treat a localized area, but then the remaining ants will avoid that treated surface and simply move their trail to another part of your home.

Another pitfall is if the ants are living inside the walls of your home, they usually are eating outside in your garden and using the structure mainly for shelter. If you spray the exterior perimeter of your home with these pyrethrin-based products, you essentially lock the ants in your home. They will avoid the treated perimeter and begin to forage inside your home for food, leading to bigger problems. Often homeowners have better success by using bait-type stations around the areas where ants are seen scouting and by using sprays sparingly. Using bait stations early in the spring and replacing them in the summer will help eliminate scouts before they get back to the colony and inform the rest of the ants where your candy stash is. Sprays can be effective in preventing ants from getting into the home if they are used before the ants move into the walls. Keep in mind that using pyrethrin-based sprays can adversely affect a pest professional’s success if it is overused since it counteracts the non-repellent ant treatment that most professional companies use. Non-repellent treatment materials are very effective in controlling ant problems; however, they are not available for purchase by the public.

Remember the keys: keep your home clean, start your ant-control regimen early in the spring with bait stations, do not overuse pyrethrin-based pesticides, and call a professional when necessary.

Contributed by Dan Caballero, the operating manager at CVA Exterminators, Inc., a Santa Clarita-based pest-management firm. Dan has been in the pest-management industry for 23 years. He can be reached for questions at or at 661-253-3070.

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