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Billy’s Blogs: Oh, the Places I Have Been!

As a professional truck driver, I have completed thousands of deliveries around the country. From my companions and new adventures to well-chosen historical detours and subtly beautiful scenes of nature and life, each trip offered something unique and a glimpse of the country and its communities. Moving families and individuals around the continental United States and parts of Canada has been a virtual vacation. No doubt it has been a working vacation but then there were also times when it was a true vacation.

Sometimes I was accompanied by a friend/co-driver, sometimes I brought my whole family,

Bringing the family on the road

Family business

sometimes only one of my kids for some bonding time, and yet other times, more often than not, it was just my dog and me.

Making lemons out of lemonade, my co-driver and I spent one weekend layover in Miami, Florida, taking sailing lessons in Biscayne Bay as we waited to load our next shipment. Occasionally I planned ahead for these layovers and brought my own distraction: I have pedaled my bike through parts of the Colorado Rockies and I have ridden my ATV through marshes in the Midwest. I have gone jogging… well, just about everywhere!

On one trip when my then 7-year-old son came along, we made a quick detour together. As we crossed the northern states we stopped in to see the incredible Mount Rushmore. On another run when the entire family came along, we veered over at the shores of Salem, Massachusetts, to stand on the steps of the Customs House that Nathaniel Hawthorne had described over 100 years previously in The Scarlett Letter. It might have been on that same trip that after making a delivery in Orlando, Florida, my wife and I took the children to Disneyworld.

Florida here we come!

I have traveled Route 66, following the characters’ route in Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath from the dustbowl to Salinas, California. Of course, I had better accommodations. With children in tow, my wife and I had the good fortune to stay in Victorian home inns in Central California’s Steinbeck country as well as in others in Vermont and Maine.

One winter while driving up to the picturesque city of Montreal, Quebec, I was quite taken by surprise when I heard the weather forecast on the radio. The weatherman said it would be a beautiful sunny day as the temperature would rise to a minus 3 degrees! I must confess that he was right. It was beautiful.

I have traversed the longest bridge in the world, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, to get to the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana; taken an auto ferry across Lake Champlain as well as on numerous occasions to the islands near Seattle. It was on the first of many island deliveries, after wondering how I was going to get there, that I discovered auto ferries are capable of carrying big semi-trucks!

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Wherever people have needed to move, I have taken them, and along the way I have been afforded some amazing sites: Cadillac Ranch, Niagara Falls, Brooklyn Bridge, Face on the Barroom Floor (in Central City, Colorado) and on and on and on. There is quite a bit to see out there. I recommend it all.

But of all the sites to see it seems the simplest are the most memorable. During more than one autumn I saw the skies over Nebraska filled with Canadian geese flying south for the winter honking loudly. Having grown up in Southern California, I will never forget the Norman Rockwell scene I saw when I pulled into Springfield, Massachusetts, and for the first time saw a group of children playing ice hockey on a frozen pond. Perhaps Norman Rockwell drove a truck, too!


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