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Billy’s Blogs: Create Your Haven

Create a haven

Create a haven

Recently I had the privilege of listening to an herbalist, a practitioner of eastern medicine, address the seemingly inexplicable poor health of a relative of mine through a series of questions. Interestingly enough, at one point the focus of the conversation settled on the importance of periods of relaxation at home and how this is accomplished.

The dialogue involved running through the agenda of a typical day off, which included: visiting an ill family member, visiting a perfectly healthy person, shopping, and finally receiving friends at home.

While it all seemed to me appropriate for a day off, the herbalist pointed out that the day’s events were really all variations of work and not forms of recreation.

She pointed out how, in the course of visiting with others, we must digest and evaluate inbound news and, more importantly, think about what we say before we say it. All of these processes involve a significant measure of work and, to some degree, stress. So what may appear to be a simple social call, even at home, carries stress.

With this in mind, there is nothing comparable to creating a haven in your home and truly relaxing in it. Therefore, beyond the practical side of moving, such as getting everything under the new roof assembled and put away, there are the emotional and mental demands of moving. One of the many tasks of moving is to create for yourself a haven, a place to which you can retreat.

Serene surroundings

Serene surroundings

Retreat, in this sense, does not mean run and hide. Rather it means a place of relaxation and calm, a place of re-gathering yourself in preparation for the stimuli of the next day. Set up your comfy chair with the appropriate lighting in a comfortable and tranquil environment, in which you can read about your favorite hobby, listen to music, or watch your dog romp! Creating this space as quickly as possible after arriving in your new home will enable you to better handle the rest of your moving to-do list.

Experts feel that comforting the senses is a key to relaxing. So you may want to include music, imagery, or soothing scents in your haven. Of course, I’m partial to a great chair, the perfect seat. If you don’t have a favorite chair, I suggest getting yourself one: a rocker, a recliner, a loveseat, or a beanbag. Embellish your haven with accessories, such as artwork, favorite photos, a fountain, an aquarium, incense, and anything else that will calm you.

A few words of caution in creating your haven: it is often not where most people would assume. For instance, some say a great way to relax away from work is with a TV, the Internet, and/or social media. However, remember the pitfall of trying to relax via social visits. These visits require your brain to actively receive, process, and send information. Your haven should allow you to decompress rather than upload new information.

Happy Havening!

Billy Kornfeld, founder and owner of Camelot, has helped thousands of families transition across town, across the state, and across the nation over the company’s 26 years of business…and appreciates a relaxing haven as much as the next guy.

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