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Helpful tips on how to assist your children through the moving process

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Often, children experience more moving-related stress than their parents do since they are not part of the decision-making process.

Your children’s main resource through the relocation is you, the parent. Children need more time to process information than adults do, so keep them as informed as their age deems appropriate. This means that your teenager will be updated in more depth than your preschooler, but nonetheless, every member of the family is informed throughout the entire process, from the decision to move to the unpacking of the final box in your new home.

Do not forget that your children will be watching how you meet the bumps in the road to your new home to see how they should deal with their bumpy journey—even that rebellious teenager who swears that s/he does not need your help. So provide them with a positive and realistic example. Keep calm and keep your hurdles in proportion. On the other hand, do not be afraid to express both your positive and negative feelings about the move. Invite your children to do the same. Maintain as normal a routine as possible. Create a positive view of your future home. Show them the new neighborhood, the school, and their new bedroom (click here for housewarming gifts for kids!). Help them to make plans to decorate their bedroom.

Your children’s secondary resources are their family and friends, so keep these individuals close. Encourage them to keep in touch with old friends by giving them an address book, and set the example yourself by utilizing these important resources for help and support.

Lastly, visit today and see how our unique Relocation Team can assist your family’s relocation from beginning to end.

– Billy Kornfeld, founder of Camelot and a father of four, has helped thousands of families transition across town, across the state, and across the nation over the company’s 26 years of business.

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