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Students Planning for Summer Break

Students prepare for summer

Students prepare for summer

Spring midterms are upon us, which means that final exams are not far behind. For college students, this also means that it is time to make arrangements for the summer.

Perhaps you will be returning home for a few months. Or maybe you will be away much longer as you spend a few semesters studying abroad. Either way, it is time to start making arrangements for your belongings while you are away. Here are a few tips:

In general, the cost of storage increases as the volume of items stored increases. Therefore, take a break from studies and have a look at your belongings with a critical eye. Are you still going to want that bulky computer monitor in a few months or a year, especially when they are coming out with flatter screens every month? Technology moves quickly. You will get more money if you sell that monitor now than if you store it and then sell it. Are you going to want those old papers cluttering your new place? Consider sending them home, where they will ultimately end up anyway.

When comparing different storage options, keep in mind what you are paying for. Self-storage facilities provide one thing only—space. You will have to blanket wrap the television so that it is not damaged in transit, disassemble the bed frame, and take everything out to the rental truck or portable storage unit—a trek that may involve flights of stairs or competition for the dorm/apartment elevator. You will most likely be able to find a moving company that will cater to students’ needs, providing all of the above services with expertise for a comparable price or slightly more—and your belongings will have been blanket wrapped and handled for you start to finish.

So, in between term papers and final exams, students should study up on storage options from self storage to utilizing the services of a moving and storage company for their belongings while they are away.


Written by Billy Kornfeld, 4/25/2012


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