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Relocating Senior Family Members

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First off, I would like to define the term “senior” so as not to offend anyone or leave anyone out:

1.     The more senior a person is the more they can spell accurately. We seem to have failed to pass this particular skill on to the next generation.
2.    An individual with wisdom and discernment (my youngest daughter informed me this sounds like sucking up).
3.    Me. I am a senior but only in relative terms: compared to my kids and people who can’t spell, I am a senior.
Now that we are clear about that…

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Downsizing is not easy for anyone, let alone someone who may have spent a lifetime in a home, a lifetime of acquiring items and memories. Hopefully the location of where the senior will live has already been decided and agreed upon, and it is only after that part of the relocation process that you are contacting a moving company. Of all the elements and challenges of relocating an aging family member, it is the process of downsizing that will often present the greatest challenge. Gear up for the many conversations you will have in an effort to separate the must-have items from the can-live-without ones.

For instance, if the senior no longer skis or plays tennis, potentially a room full of sporting equipment can be liquidated via a garage sale or family members who have taken up the hobbies. On the other hand if your senior family member still enjoys painting, sewing, or other crafts, avoid pushing them to get rid of these items and value the fact that they will want to have space for that.

home care relocationFor some family members at this point the issue of whether or not to consider the expense of storage comes into play. Should we pay for storage for unused items or sentimental items from the past (often the same thing)? Try to create a time lapse between moving into the new place and completely vacating the old place. This will allow the senior family member time to move their initial must-have items and leave the undecided items behind for a week or so while they think about what mementos and keepsakes they really want to keep with them. This may help decrease the initial shock of leaving behind precious items for which they will likely not have space.

Please note that when it comes to moving a senior following the loss of a spouse or a serious illness, you may want to reach out to a local professional organization with a wealth of experience in the transition process. There are counselors available who specialize in helping seniors separate from sentimental items.

Avoid the “let’s just get a dumpster or have a garage sale” approach. Often times a senior family member would gladly part with an item to a family member in need and/or one who would appreciate it before they would throw it away or sell it.

Recently one of our kids asked me if I am ready to start downsizing. My immediate response was an upbeat, “Find me a nice place in Florida after hurricane season!” Of course, my positive outlook at the age of 58 is something quite different from the outlook of someone in their 70s, 80s, or 90s faced with downsizing and the relocation process, but it does illustrate an important point. The family of a relocating senior family member should keep in mind that if their aging family member can find aspects of the move to look forward to, the whole process will take on a more positive note and help smooth out the rough patches of the transition.

– Billy Kornfeld, founder of Camelot and a father of four, has helped thousands of families transition across town, across the state, and across the nation over the company’s 26 years of business.


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