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Customer Complaints and Why I Love Them!

Just about the worst thing that can happen to a service company is that the customer quietly goes away.

Ask your customers for input on their experience

Ask your customers for input on their experience

Seminars, classes, books, and even customer surveys are great learning tools. But these resources are limited in their effectiveness. None of these is guaranteed to reveal exactly where your service or product failed to achieve a satisfied customer. You, the service provider, may quite mistakenly think you are satisfactorily delivering your service or product! Let’s take an example.

Imagine a couple with two young children trying a new restaurant for the first time. Upon arriving they are told there will be a brief wait. Their perception of “brief” may be only 5 minutes, but in reality the wait will be 15 minutes. During that 15 minutes, their children get a bit impatient and soon one or both of the parents begin to think about needing to get the kids in bed as well as of their own early start the next morning. Ultimately, the family was fed and may have even enjoyed the food but may not return. They do not want to be out late. As a consequence they may look for an alternative next time.

The couple may never express their sentiments. Or they may talk about their experience in a survey about the service, and they will indicate that the waiter was attentive, the food was fine, and the wait for the food was brief once the order was placed. However, it may never come up that they were unhappy with the waiting time for a table.

The bottom line: without receiving an actual customer complaint the restaurateur may never know that the client had a negative experience and that s/he lost a customer.

The results of bad customer service

The results of bad customer service

Now let’s imagine that Mr. or Mrs. Customer decided to take a moment to mention that while everything was great, they had nearly walked out before being seated because they were told there would be a “brief wait” that turned out to be a lengthy 15-minute wait!  The restaurateur can now address a number of issues, including perception (a brief 15-minute wait to one person is a lengthy, burdensome 15-minute wait to another, specifically a parent) and communication (say “a 15-minute wait” instead of “a brief wait”). The key is that the customer makes a complaint and the business owner takes advantage of the opportunity to learn more about his/her clientele and address the issue, improving his business and the experience of his/her customers rather than losing them.

Customers, bring me your complaints!

Billy Kornfeld, owner of Camelot Moving and Storage, has addressed the needs of thousands of clients and their families over the company’s 26 years in business and remains dedicated to learning from his clients on how to improve doing so.


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