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Packing Tips: Packing Like an Expert!


For those do-it-yourselfers out there that are looking to save some money on their moving bill, packing your own home in preparation for moving day is a great way to keep that final balance low. Keep the following guidelines in mind to save yourself money as well as time and stress!

Is It Smaller than a Breadbox?

A good rule of thumb is that everything smaller than a breadbox should be put into a larger box with other small items. Proper padding should be used for fragile items.

Timing Is Everything

While setting aside an entire weekend to pack your home right before the big move may sound practical, it can be problem-filled and might leave you unprepared on moving day. After all, your packing buddies may bow out, you may run out of boxes after hours, and/or come across one or two closets that were much deeper than you had remembered and that require a day or two more to completely box up.

Rather, plan to pack two to three boxes each day starting a few weeks in advance. The garage is a great place to get started as you probably won’t miss those items for a few weeks. Bookshelves and linen closets are the next best targets.

After you gain some packing experience and confidence, attack those trickier home goods that can include odd-shaped items like artwork (click here for an artwork-packing tutorial) or fragile items such as lamps and lamp shapes as well as kitchenware (click here for a lamp-packing tutorial and here for a tutorial on packing ceramic plates ). Be sure to use plenty of padding/packing paper in the bottom of your boxes.

That Box Is Too Heavy!

For the sake of your belongings and for ease of transport, your goal should be that each box weighs about the same, within reason. Heavy items go into small boxes and light items go into big boxes. No box should be misshapen, so avoid stuffing a box so full that it bulges or filling a box completely so that it dents.

Have a specific question about packing? Call Camelot at (661) 255-3112 and our expert movers will be sure to help you out. You can also peruse our Web site for plenty of tips and advice to help you successfully pack your own home with ease!


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