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These 5 Moving Tips Will Make Your Life Easier

These 5 Moving Tips Will Make Your Life Easier And Help You Streamline Your Prep For Moving Day! Great Moving Tips are in the video below and download this helpful guide, Packing Tips With A Timeline and Map to print and … Continue reading

Navigating a Move after the Death of a Loved One

Navigating a Move after the Death of a Loved One Two of the biggest stressors in life include losing a loved one and moving. One: If Possible, Finish the Grieving Process First If at all possible and to the best … Continue reading

How Many Boxes Will I Need?

How Many Boxes Will I Need? With all the hassles of moving, you don’t want to add to your time crunch another 10-15 trips to a box store. But, how can you possibly know how many containers you’re going to … Continue reading

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Should You Stay or Should You Go? How to Decide if it’s a Good Time to Move   Almost all of us have considered the idea of moving – sometimes for the prospective cash and other times for the hope … Continue reading

Your essential 5-step process for selling your home and planning a move

From staging a home to packing and moving, we’ve got you covered in this quick tip guide for sellers. Step One: Do Your Own Pre-Listing Home Inspection How’s Your Curb Appeal? Even before you hire a realtor and place your … Continue reading

Your 3-phase guide to buying a home and planning your move

Ready to start your home search, but worried about tackling the actual process of buying a home and planning a move? No need, we’ve got the basics covered in this quick tip guide for home buyers! Phase 1: Decide What … Continue reading

5 Useful Tips for Moving Your Home without Going Crazy

  #1 GET ORGANIZED Don’t like making lists? Find somebody in the house who does. Don’t like referring to lists after you’ve made them? Too bad. Make an assessment regarding what needs to take place before move-out day. You can … Continue reading

Ask Camelot: What options do I have for moving/transporting my car?

There are a couple of options for moving or hauling cars. Moving companies that provide long-distance service, such as Camelot Moving and Storage, will transport an automobile inside one of their moving vans. The company will quote you a price … Continue reading

Your Children’s Moving Needs

As you begin your journey to your new home, you may notice that not all of your family members are of the same mind regarding the move. Your teenager mopes while your preschooler eagerly helps pack. Your newborn needs constant … Continue reading

Planning a move in 2015? Here are five tips to get you started!

If you’re planning to move in 2015, then here are five tips to help you start the process as soon as possible. Choose a real estate agent Choosing a real estate agent in advance will give you more time to … Continue reading

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