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Commercial Relocation

Whether your business consists of a small 2-person office, multiple floors with dozens of work stations, or a large warehouse full of machinery, Camelot Moving and Storage can help.

Often, our experienced corporate movers are able to complete your local office or corporate relocation in one weekend. This will limit the amount of disruption to your normal work week.

Camelot Moving and Storage can relocate any combination of offices, warehouses, and production areas. For companies with large phone and computer networks, we work with your network personnel so that your business is relocated and set up efficiently and properly.

We can pack and move each work station and set them up at the new office so each employee can return to her/his new work station the following workday. We can dismantle and set up warehouse shelving as well as move palletized merchandise. We can also move heavy machinery in production areas. And we can provide secure short- and long-term storage for incoming or outgoing equipment or inventory.