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Frequently Asked Questions

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Moving & Moving Services

Moving & Moving Services

Will the movers put things where I want them in my new home?

Absolutely! Your Camelot moving crew will deliver your furniture and boxes to the proper rooms in the new home, such as bedroom furniture to the bedroom and kitchen supplies to the kitchen. In addition, they will arrange your furnishings according to your wishes.

Do you disassemble/reassemble furniture?

Yes, and we bring all the necessary tools as well. We will disassemble anything that needs to be taken apart to be moved, such as a bed frame or a two-piece desk, and we will reassemble the furniture at the new home. We will also assemble any new furnishings still in the box that you have bought for your new home. Just ask!

Do you disconnect/reconnect appliances? Like the washer/dryer and the refrigerator?

Yes! Every Camelot crew is equipped with the tools and know-how to disconnect and reconnect the water line to your refrigerator’s ice maker as well as the water and gas lines to your washer and dryer. However, our tools and know-how do not cover tasks such as moving a water valve. Please call a professional plumber for these more specialized tasks.

Are there any items you can’t take?

Yes. For safety purposes and/or by law, Camelot cannot carry aerosols, liquids, inflammable items, firearms and ammunition, and compressed gas, such as propane, in the moving van. Please make other arrangements to transport these items.

Do you move pianos?

Certainly. While some moving companies leave pianos for specialists to handle, we prefer to hire and/or train specialists so that we can meet all the moving needs of our clientele. Therefore, every Camelot crew member has been properly trained and every Camelot truck is properly equipped to handle the delicate task of moving pianos of any size and shape.

Do you transport vehicles/motorcycles?

Camelot can handle the transportation of most automobiles and all motorcycles. We can also transport some boats, but we are limited by the size of the vessel. Please call our office for more details if your move will include any such vehicles.


Preparation & Packing

Preparation & Packing

What items should be packed into boxes for transport?

Please see our “What do I need to Pack?” page under “Reduce Moving Stress.”

Do I need to unload drawers in desks and dressers?

Most items can stay in dresser and desk drawers during the move. Exceptions include fragile items that need to be padded and packed into boxes marked fragile so they can be protected during transport; and small items, such as paper clips and pens, so that they don’t get lost when the desk/dresser is being handled (these items often can be placed in a sealed Zip-loc bag and placed back in the drawer). Soft goods, such as linens and clothing, can usually remain in drawers. However, occasionally a piece of furniture is so fragile that it cannot hold the extra weight of its drawers during transport. If this is the case, your Camelot crew will let you know, and the drawers will be removed and transported separately.

Do I have to unpack the fridge?

If you are moving locally (within 100) miles, you will not need to completely empty your refrigerator. If you are moving a distance greater than 100 miles, then you will need to empty your refrigerator. For all moves, you will need to remove items that are fragile and/or might spill. You may want to plan on having an ice chest clean and ready on moving day.

How do I pack my artwork?

What you will need:

Picture boxes


Packing paper

Clean cloth blanket


Fine art is supposed to breathe, so in preparing your painting for a move, you do not want to focus on sealing the painting in a carton, but rather focus on providing protection so that nothing will touch the canvas. Since fine art is supposed to breathe, it is generally framed without glass. Some of your paintings may not even be framed yet. If a piece is not framed, provide a temporary frame with cardboard corners so that the actual painting is recessed. Then, using either the cardboard corners or the actual frame, wrap the piece with shrinkwrap, a protective plastic used by most moving companies. While shrinkwrapping the painting, remember that you want the painting to be able to breathe, so be sure to provide some ventilation. Do not try to seal in the painting.  

It is important to note that many ornately carved wooden frames are worth as much as the painting they house, so do not neglect the frame while trying to protect the painting. To protect wooden frames, add a clean cloth blanket between the frame and shrinkwrap. Do not use any type of paper for protection as it will act like fine sandpaper to the wooden frame. Place the blanket so as not to put any pressure on the canvas.

Once your piece of artwork is shrinkwrapped, it is ready to be placed into a picture or mirror carton, a carton specifically designed to hold and protect large pictures, paintings, and mirrors. It consists of two long, thin boxes. One of these boxes fits into and slides into the other box, also known as “telescoping.” Thus the carton can be custom-fitted to any size painting. Crumple thick paper padding and place it at the ends, tops, and bottoms of each box so that when the painting is inserted it will not move. Do not add paper padding between the front of the painting and the box. It will damage the canvas. Telescope the picture carton over the painting and secure the two ends together with tape. Be sure to mark which end is up. A painting should be transported and stored upright (as if it is hanging on the wall).

If you are moving locally (within 100) miles, you will not need to completely empty your refrigerator. If you are moving a distance greater than 100 miles, then you will need to empty your refrigerator. For all moves, you will need to remove items that are fragile and/or might spill. You may want to plan on having an ice chest clean and ready on moving day.

How do I pack my lampshades?

What you will need:

Blank newsprint paper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts.

Medium boxes (3.0 cubic feet), large boxes (4.5 cubic feet), dish pack boxes (5.2 cubic feet).


Take the land shade off the lamp. Handle shades only by the wire frames. Take the light bulbs and harps off lamp and pack them separately.

Lampshades should be packed singly in appropriate box or nested in one box separated by blank white newsprint paper. Prepare moving boxes with some wadded blank newsprint paper on bottom. Put the shade or shades in the box; be careful not to put too much paper. Lampshades could dent easily, cushion loosely

Wrap cord around lamp and wrap lamp with blank newsprint paper or bubble wrap. You may place the lamp in a box with peanuts

Tape shut the box and mark “Fragile – Lamp”

Charges, Billing & Payment

Charges, Billing & Payment

Do you charge by the piece or by the hour?

Local moves (moves between locations that are within 100 miles of each other) are billed by an hourly rate. Rates for long-distance moves are based on a combination of distance and quantity (the total weight or total cubic feet of the items moved). For single item services, such as a piano or a washer-and-dryer set, we offer flat rates. For a more-detailed explanation of our rates, give us a call. We can give you an approximate cost based on your description of the contents of and access to your home over the phone as well as schedule a free at-home estimate.

When does the billing start and end?

Our hourly billing covers loading the truck, unloading the truck, and transportation to and from the final location, where we unload. Thus, we “clock in”, so to speak, when our moving van arrives at the first location. We “clock out” when our moving van leaves the last location. Then, we double the time it takes to drive between the two locations to cover the drive home. Of course, we clock out for lunch and other applicable breaks. LOAD TIME+UNLOAD TIME+DRIVE TIME(to and from)–BREAKS=TOTAL HOURS BILLED

Do you charge for fuel?

With the fluctuating cost of fuel, we maintain a flexible fuel surcharge policy that will both cover our costs and provide a fair price to our clientele. Therefore, generally there is no fuel surcharge for moves between two locations that are within 15 miles of each other. If the move’s origin and destination are more than 15 miles apart, we charge a modest fuel surcharge based on the current cost of fuel. Occasionally we do need to modify this general fuel surcharge policy to meet the demands of the rising cost of fuel. If this occurs, we will let you know before you reserve a moving date with us.

Do you have a minimum price?

In most cases, we have a minimum charge of three hours.

Do you charge overtime?

Yes. We charge overtime after 8 hours and occasionally on Sundays and on most major holidays. We will inform you when you schedule your move if it is on a day that will or could possibly incur overtime charges.

Do you charge for supplies?

We do charge for packing supplies, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. We do not charge for the use of equipment, such as dollies, furniture blankets, and straps. We offer free use of wardrobe boxes (specially designed boxes to hold clothing on coat hangers) if the wardrobe boxes return with the moving crew on the moving van at the end of the day. If you need to hold on to them as you unpack over a number of days, we ask for a deposit that will be fully refunded when you return the wardrobe boxes to our office. Please note that this refundable deposit applies only to wardrobe boxes. All other used boxes are considered nonreturnable packing supplies and are yours to keep. We do offer a recycling service to the community through which we pick up used boxes at no charge, whether they were bought from us or from another supplier. Please see our environmental policies under “About Camelot” for more information.

What if I buy boxes that I don’t use?

We refund 100% of the price of unused packing supplies sold from our office.

Is there tax?

We do not charge tax for our services. There is a sales tax charged for supplies, such as boxes and packing paper.

Employee Standards

Employee Standards

Are your crew members regular employees or do they work at various jobs?

Our crews do not consist of day-laborers. We employ a team of highly qualified, well-trained, and extensively experienced movers that work exclusively for Camelot.

Do your employees speak English?
Yes. Every Camelot crew member is perfectly capable of communicating with you in English to meet your needs during your move.

Do you use subcontractors?

No. Camelot does not use subcontractors so that we can maintain our high standards of service. Subcontractors normally work for numerous companies, each with a different level of service. Therefore, a subcontractor’s level of service can be inconsistent. Additionally, when subcontractors are involved in the delivery of a service, blame and responsibility can be tossed back and forth between the parent company and the subcontractor, leaving the consumer with no means to address their problems. In contrast, Camelot takes 100% of the responsibility and accountability for the success of your move.

How do I know I can trust your employees?

Camelot prides itself on hiring trustworthy and capable movers. We understand that we are handling our client’s most valuable possessions and memories. We maintain high standards in our employment practices so that we can trust every member of the Camelot family to carry out Camelot’s high standards of quality in service and care. Our past customers can and have testified to the quality of our employees, often mentioning their crew members by name. Please take a look at our testimonials to read over just a sampling of the many expressions of praise and thanks we have received for our high quality services and trustworthy and capable employees.




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