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Long Distance Moves

If you are moving 100 miles or farther, Camelot Moving and Storage can meet all your moving needs.

Unlike many other moving companies, Camelot is not part of a chain or an agent for another larger company. Rather, we are an independent moving company, which means we maintain complete control over your shipment until it is delivered to your new home or office.

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Since it is best for your shipment to be handled as few times as possible, Camelot’s moving specialists will load your items into one of our vans, and they will stay in the same van until we deliver them to your new home or office. Your furniture and belongings or equipment will not change vans or drivers while en route.

This unique approach also allows Camelot to maintain complete control over scheduling your long-distance move, and we in turn pass that control on to you. You choose your dates for loading and delivery, and as long as those dates are available, they are yours.