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Packing Services & Supplies

What are Packing Services?

Packing Services refers to the preparation for a residential move or commercial relocation by gathering smaller items into larger boxes.

santa clarita packing services moving suppliesFragile household items such as vases and fine china need to be wrapped individually in protective covering such as paper or bubble-wrap before packing, whether you are making a local move in the Santa Clarita Valley area or a long-distance relocation to elsewhere in Southern California or beyond.

You may choose either to pack your belongings yourself, or to have the experts at Camelot Moving and Storage, the leader among Santa Clarita movers, do the packing for you.

If you do want to pack your own things, Camelot sells all the packing supplies you will need to pack and prepare your home for your local move or long-distance moves, commercial relocations, or storage for short-term and long-term. Just click through the submenu to the left to find all the information you need to be packed and ready on Moving Day.

small shipping box santa clarita

Small Box: 12”x12”x16”

Ideal for packing small, heavy items such as books, office supplies, files, small hand and power tools.
shipping boxes santa clarita

Medium Box: 16”x18”x18”

Useful for pots, pans, small appliances such as a blender or toaster, and large knick-knacks.
shipping boxes near 91355

Large Box: 18”x18”x24”

Helpful for larger items such as board games, large toys, and most items found on garage shelves.
moving supplies santa clarita

Extra Large Box: 22”x22”x22”

Designed for large, light items such as comforters, pillows, and lamps. shades.
santa clarita moving boxes

Dish Pack: 18”x18”x27”

This extra-thick box is designed to protect fragile plates, glasses, stemware, table lamps, figurines, and the like.
mirror boxes santa clarita

Small Mirror-Pak: 4”x36”x60” Large Mirror-Pak: 4”x48”x72”

These boxes protect flat, fragile items such as wall mirrors, pictures, glass and marble table tops, glass shelves. Their heights are adjustable. The given heights of 60” and 72” are the maximum.
santa clarita moving packing boxes

Lamp Carton: 14”x14”x38”

Useful for table lamps, floor lamps, tall vases, and other similarly shaped items.
wardrobe boxes santa clarita

Wardrobe Carton: 20”x20”x46”

This box is designed to protect hanging clothes and decrease packing time. A metal bar spans the width of the box at the top, from which you can hang clothes.
bubble wrap bulk

Large and Small Bubble Wrap

Large bubble wrap is ideal for protecting
larger items such as table lamps, large
pictures or mirrors before placing them into cardboard boxes, while small bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping delicate items such as china, figurines, plates, etc.
Packing Paper moving supplies

Packing Paper

A suitable substitute for bubble wrap in protecting small, fragile items for those who prefer paper over plastic packing material. It comes in sheets measuring 18”x18”.


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