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Reduce Moving Costs!

Pack items yourself

Pack items yourself

Clients often ask if they can reduce moving costs by packing some household items themselves, the answer is absolutely!


The more work you do to prepare for your move, the less work there will be for the moving crew and the sooner they will be done, which will mean fewer hours billed. However, keep in mind that you are not just paying for time but for expertise.  Of the many items in a home that should be packed into boxes in preparation for a move, some require expertise and some do not. The former include glass or ceramic lamps, figurines, stemware, and dishes, while the latter include books, magazines, linens, and clothing. To save money, pack the items that you feel you can handle, wrap, and secure in a way that will allow them to arrive safely at your new home. There are plenty of online resources that will provide tips (you can view Camelot’s video tutorials here) on how to do so. Leave all the items that you do not feel comfortable handling for the experts to pack.


Billy Kornfeld, owner of Camelot Moving and Storage has helped thousands of families transition across town, across the state, and across the nation over the company’s 26 years of business.


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